Welcome to J’s journey

Hi, welcome to our first blog. Today, J had his first appointment with the speech and language therapist. He has expressive language delay. First, let me introduce J…J is our first child, and is now 21 months old. He is a big bundle of energy, and reason for my grey hairs. J was a much wanted baby and I had so many ideas of what motherhood would be like. I can safely say that most of these ideas have not gone according to plan (most for the better). 

J was a poorly baby. He was jaundice at birth and had light therapy at a few days old. He was diagnosed as an atopic baby (allergies, asthma and eczema that all play off each other) and  Plagiocephaly. However he was generally a happy baby and progressing well. He was actually quite a chatterbox (baby babble and a few baby words).

Then around 9 months J seemed to just stop. He went silent (apart from crying and laughing). Looking back, the only ‘event’ that seemed to have happened around that time was the start of ‘non-epileptic paradoxical episodes’. It may be coincidence, it might mean something – at this stage we don’t know.

Anyway, I was told by everyone from health visitor to family and friends that the speech and sounds would come when he was ready. Let me tell you that is so frustrating when your child was doing all those things. J didn’t wave, didn’t point, didn’t talk, didn’t babble. He communicated a lot with his eyes and facial expressions.

We started to use Makaton signing, flash cards, making animal and car sounds when playing etc. J began to sign a few signs and by about 1 and half J was communicating non-verbally (the day he first waved to me when I left from work will always be one of my favourite memories). J will point to things when asked or when he’s interested and will pull us over to things he wants help with.

But J still won’t talk. He has regained some babbling (dadada and bu sounds) which he will do loudly and proudly when he feels like it. So, after 7 months of assessments and home visits from the Health Visitor we were referred to speech and language team.

So, that takes us to today. I’ll write more about the appointment in my next blog so please check back. Thank you for reading and joining us in this road 🙂


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  1. Kate says:

    I have been really interested in following your journey as my littlest wasnt speaking for a long time. As I already have a child with autism I was worried he may be non-verbal. Have any of the professionals you’ve seen suggested autism to you? Lots of what you’ve described, including the non-epileptic paradoxical episode’s, suggest that to me… I think it’s natural as a parent to worry whether you’ve done the right thing, the wrong thing. A friend of mine who gas a non-verbal daughter (who now communicates via ipad) said ‘I’ve always done what I thought was in their best interests’. As a mum that’s all we can do. Just our very best, for their best. Im totally sure that you’ve done that. xxx


    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thank you Kate. I do worry that I missed something in the early stages of his life but I’m trying not to wind myself up and just go from now. No one wants to look into anything more until J has been using the pecs and makaton. I think they are doing a ‘wait and see’ approach so I guess it’s a case of stay tuned haha. I’m looking into different iPad programmes so if you or your friend have any recommendations please let me know 🙂


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