The first step is assessment…

Thank you to everyone who read yesterday’s first blog. I guess I’m writing these as a way to get this all straight in my head. It’s actually more therapeutic than I imagined.

Did I do something wrong?

As soon as the letter for our appointment arrived I started to question everything. Were they going to think I was just a neurotic first time Mum? Was there going to be something more ‘wrong’ with him? Is it me? Did I miss something? Have I not played the right games? Did I push too hard? The walk to the child development centre was full of all these thoughts. 

Meeting the therapist…
The reception area had lots to play with and J was happy opening and shutting the play house doors and windows. When we got called in J happily went though the doors to the assessment room. Our first hurdle was getting J to stay in the room rather than playing with the door. The therapist ended up sat against the door. J then explored the toys whilst we chatted. The therapist played different games to assess him.

The result…
So, we now have a ‘diagnosis’. J has ‘expressive language delay’. This means he can understand language but just can’t get it out. I am relieved that it wasn’t just me being over anxious. The journey to support J in finding a way to communicate with the world is now beginning.
My next blog will be about our future plans for symbol communication. I hope you’ll come and check back. I would love to hear from any other parents of children with a speech and language delay/disorder. Night 🙂



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