Mummy is a magic word.

One of the hardest things I experience as a Mother to a child with a speech delay is not hearing the ‘big words’. Whilst more and more of my friends babies/kids are saying ‘love you’ and ‘Daddy’ and the holy grail, ‘Mummy’, I feel my heart aching to hear any words. 

But it’s not all bad…

J gets a lot of ‘aw’s’ and ‘isn’t he clever’ comments for the makaton signs he has already learnt. He does a fantastic ‘love you’ sign and the way he signs ‘water’ is just adorable. I get that proud warmth whenever he uses a new sign. 

But I’m going to be thankful…

As we start our journey with the speech therapist I will continue to dream of the day that J calls me ‘Mummy’ but remember to be thankful of all the communicate steps that he takes. 

Now it’s time to join J in his car play as we work on today’s new signs ‘car’ and ‘aeroplane’…life of a Mum 🙂


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