Feel like I’m driving on a roundabout…

Today J had his first 1:1 speech therapy appointment. He loved the bag full of new and exciting toys. 

First attempt at PECS…

As you read in my previous blog J is beginning a symbol based system of communicating. Today we focused on stage 1 which is learning how to pass the symbol and what that means. J took to it quicker than I thought. But then again he’s always had a very ‘logical’ mind and picked up how things works very quickly. He was soon passing the symbol and getting the piece of shape sorter in return. 

His funny ways…

J did show more of his more ‘unique’ qualities today. We talked about his sensory issues and his bizarre fear of certain TV adverts (and Mister Maker!). The therapist was open to everything I said which made me feel I could talk more freely than with some other professionals. 


When we got home we focused on repeating our ‘Makaton of the week’ which is still car. J looks at my hands as I sign but still no attempt at actually signing it. Car is definately one of the picture cards I’m going to make for his PECS book.

What now?

Now we are on the roundabout and not sure which road we’re going to go down. There so many ‘could be’ and ‘maybe’ routes so for now J is J and he is my amazing little boy. Anything else to throw in the mix, we will wait and see. 


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