Out and about…

Hi everyone, 

J now has his next block of speech therapy appointments booked, his new pecs book is on the way and his referral to paediatrics has been put in. So, we’re in a sort of limbo at the moment waiting for the next step.

Using Makaton in public: 

Today we were at the shops. J is a cutie and often gets attention from shop workers and customers. J dropped something and a lady picked it up. I asked J to say thank you so he did his Makaton sign. The lady ‘aw’d’ and left to carry on her work.

It’s not a fad…

People either react with surprise when J uses Makaton or they smile and think it’s cute. But no one ever uses Makaton in return or says ‘wow what a good signer’. It’s just not mainstream. It makes me realise that even when he’s fluent in Makaton he’ll still be resticted with who he can communicate with.

But on the plus side…

I have exciting news. J has learnt how to say ‘mamamamamama’. I know it’s not ‘Mummy’ and is more of a sound than ‘meaningful communication’ but sod it, to me that is a miracle and I am not ashamed to say it brings a tear to my eye every time he says it. 


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