One small step for J…

Today J used his pecs symbols without the second adult as the prompt. He’s doing really well with single symbols. I am going to try to learn how to post videos on here so you can see how we are using pecs to communicate but for now I can only put them on our facebook page. 

What I think so far…

I am really warming to pecs. I did wonder whether J would want to use them as he normally just gets things himself. But he’s actually really proud of himself when he gives me the symbol and I know what he wants. For example he had his flask and gave me his flask sign. I realise he was ‘telling me’ it was empty and he wanted more. Usually he would have thrown it on the floor and whinged till I figured out that was the meaning of the mini meltdown (isn’t life hard when you’re 1!).

Aim for the future…

Is to continue to add more symbols in his box so he can flick through and find what he wants. I’m also going to make ‘symbol stations’ around the house (food symbol next to kitchen door, toy symbols near his playmat etc) so the everyday words are more immediate for him. 

I’d love to hear how others are using pecs and whether it did lead to your child using verbal communication.


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