Say it again…

J loves books. We’ve read multiple books everyday since he was a baby. It was built into me that reading books helps with language and speech. So, what went wrong? Why is it that after I do all the ‘right’ things J is only just starting to babble? Sometimes I blame myself, sometimes I get cross with the universe. Other times I just take a deep breath and remind myself I have a healthy and amazing little boy. 

Repeating key words…

Today J brought over his ‘That’s Not My…’ books (he has a HUGE collection and brings armfuls at a time). I read the repeated phrase ‘That’s not my elephant/reindeer/dinosaur…’ over and over. I pause occasionally for J to finish the sentence or make a noise in its place (he doesn’t) and J then feels the texture pages. On the last page when ‘it is my whatever’ J always smiles and closes the book.

Why do I do it?

One day I think that J will join in the repeated phrase. One day he’ll be sat looking at the book and I’ll hear him trying to copy what he’s heard Mummy and Daddy say soooo many times. Despite J’s delay, I do think it’s still beneficial to keep reading. I am going to get more repeated phrase books too as one day it will click. One day he’ll be tellin ME the story…I can’t wait 🙂 

(Ps: Excuse the Tree Fu Tom wristband…its ‘toy of the day’ haha)


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  1. Amy2016 says:

    I feel the same. I’ve read to Evie since she was two weeks old. She adores books but it hasn’t helped her speech at all. HV says make sure you read books, sing songs etc and I’m screaming in my head ‘I do!’. Of course we continue to enjoy books and know that it will help in the long run. We love ‘thats not my’ books. Sounds like J enjoyed sharing them x

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      So glad it’s not just me. Reading, singing, baby sign when younger and makaton now he’s older, turn taking games such as rolling ball, the babble fake conversations when a baby, tv/screen free time…you name it I did it and continue to do it. Drives me crazy!!!x

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