Mirror world…

J’s favourite place to the play is laying on his side in the floor and pushing his vehicles back and forth. It’s always been fascinating to watch (for a long time it’s been a family joke that it’s because he had such a big head at birth that it’s too heavy to keep upright, haha)

Mirror play…

So, today I decided to lay down with J and take his lead. His eyes were transfixed on the car wheels. I noticed they have little dots on them and when you push forward and backwards you can see them make circle as it blurs from the movement. It’s easier to watch the wheels moving when laying down and with J’s love of kinetic and transporter play (movement based) I can see why this gains his interest more than the top of the car which doesn’t do anything.


There was no talking from either of us. We didn’t need it. All of life doesn’t have to be narrated. You don’t always need noise and sound to distract you. J would occasionally look at me and started to move his car closer to me as we played. This showed me that he acknowledged I was there and was interacting.

This may seem pointless but too me it was a break from the gut wrenching feeling every time J doesn’t respond verbally to prompts or copy the key word ‘car’, ‘brrrm’ etc. I showed J that I valued his play and he showed me he was happy for me to be with him. It was communicating without words 🙂


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