It’s becoming part of everyday life…

Thank you being patient whilst J has been poorly. Now he’s on the mend I can start posting regularly again. J has asthma and is flares up when he has a cold so it’s been a challenging week. Luckily J is fantastic at taking his inhaler and likes to make Darth Vader sounds into the spacer!

Symbols are everywhere…

Well, almost. I brought some posters for J’s bedroom. He has a shape one near his duplo box and a vehicle one as he loves anything with wheels. Although still no words J is able to correctly point to almost all vehicles on his chart. I love it as it gives me a sense of calm that he is understanding things. Every new picture he learns I think ‘Yey, we’re moving forward…I’m doing my job as Mummy’. 

PECS level 2…

Similarly, J is also doing well with his symbols. J doesn’t require 2 adults for PECs, he rarely needs any prompting and I am now starting to withdraw the open palm and encourage him to just hand it to me because he wants it, not because my palm has ‘reminded him’. I will be making more choices boards too which will be around the house in relevant places so we can start phase 2. 


I want to end today but saying thank you. I have some lovely messages on Facebook and on here, as well as J’s Instagram account. I am so pleased to read that our blog helps others to have the take the step to ask for help, and that for others you feel less alone. For me, I love the community I have joined. I have had some great advice and heard great stories that make me hopeful for the future. Thank you x


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