Bananas :D

Well yesterday we had an exciting day. J went to his additional needs group with Daddy and at snack time he asked for “na-na” (banana). They weren’t sure if it was coincidence so asked him again and he said it again. 

I missed it 😦 

I was at a full day training course so I missed it. I was gutted as it’s such a milestone. This is his first meaningful word and used for a purpose. So when I got home I got a banana for his dessert and asked if he wanted a banana (I think it’s important to model the word correctly)…he said “na-na” to me. So 3 times in one day!


J hasn’t said it again. He’s back to pointing and signing for banana (this includes the pretend bananas in his play kitchen as I didn’t want him having a banana OD!). But it’s still amazing that he’s picking up what I think is a difficult sign for a toddler.

The ‘proper sign’ is to pretend to peal banana. Here is J’s version…

J has now been referred to a paediatrician at the child health centre so I think life is going to get pretty busy. Still, any support from today’s stretched nhs is so appreciated!


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