Autumn fun…

Today we were having fun exploring munchkins (small pumpkin) and conkers. J is fussy over textures so we try to do sensory/messy play whenever we can to de-sensitize him. 

How did we help him?

So it wasnt too overloading we only put a thin layer of paint on the paper plate (I love using paper plates as no washing up after hehe). We started by printing so only minimal paint touched J at first. 

Building up…

When the paint went in his fingers J tried to wipe it off on the table (thankfully covered in paper) and he noticed it made marks. This got his attention and he started to dip his finger in the paint and repeat the printing. I then wanted to encourage him to hand print so we made Autumn trees to show him his hand made marks too. Then J explored freely without worrying about it being a ‘product’. 

By the end…

Both hands were covered and I was covered (Daddy amazingly stayed clean). J let us know when he had reached his limit by trying to run the paint off his apron and holding his hands out to us with the look of ‘eurgh I’m done’). 

There was no speech from J but there was giggling. I named the colours and brought in new words such as pumpkin, Autumn etc. he may not use the words but I bet he is storing them up for the future 😉


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