Today’s speech therapy

Today J had another speech therapy session. I was excited (am I allowed to say I’m excited for speech therapy?) as J could show off how well he’s taken to pecs. It still hits me sometimes that I’m so excited about J communicating with symbols… where most families are posting the new words and new songs their child has learnt. In all honesty I’m just happy to see any and all progress. 

Trial and error

Our therapist used a special shaped table that encourages children to sit and stay longer at activity. It didn’t work on J as he quickly learnt the table had wheels and he could just push back off chair to get out. Honestly, he has a future in tactile planning for the military! But he did do what he was meant to do which was to give the symbol to the therapist without needing (much) prompting. He even managed a bit of distance work too today which for a 1yr old is great.

What we played…

  • Shape sorter (requesting pieces)
  • Flashing toy (requesting a turn)
  • Squishy ball (requesting a turn)
  • Peg and boards (requesting the peg)

For anyone who hasn’t reached therapy stage or is worried what it will be like please be assured it’s all play based. J is never forced to play activities and can get up and move around whenever he likes. If he’s getting too distressed then we abandon the activity and do something else or even cut session short if needed so he associates therapy season with positivity.

J also had a hair cut today. Not just a trim but a big boy cut. It’s a lot of sounds, feelings and smells in a barber but luckily he is great with J and is so fast that it only takes crisps and cbeebies app to get him through 😉


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