Pumpkins and donkeys…family time.

Random title, I know! Today J, Daddy and myself went to the Pumpkin Patch to explore. 


I was saying the word ‘pumpkin’ every other breath to get this word into J’s mental word bank. Even I’m fed up of the word now, haha. The Makaton for ‘pumpkin’ is actually quite difficult so don’t know if that’s one that J will use much this year. However, just like learning new words, signing takes repetition, patience and importantly relevance. So with that in mind whilst the pumpkins are everywhere we’ll keep using it.


J had his first ride on a donkey. J has always been amazing with animals. He has never been scared of any animal (so far) and donkeys are no exception. He happily sat on ‘Gordon’ and gave him lots of strokes. I think being around animals is important for children. Animals don’t care if you can talk. Just stroke them and be feed them and they are happy. There’s no pressure on J to give eye contact, or respond or follow an instruction. It was adorable to see him so smiley with his new found friend.

For those who are using Makaton I would very much advise checking out the Makaton website. It has free resources  which are amazingly helpful. Here’s the link to the Halloween word bank. As always, I love hearing your feedback and comments. It’s always great to know that we’re not alone in this x


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