Exploring Bonfire Night…speech and communication.

Today is Bonfire Night. We celebrate by having bonfires and fireworks. It’s a great opportunity to bring in new language in whatever form of communication your child uses. So, today J will be surrounded by Makaton, symbol cards and spoken language (by Mum and Daddy) for colours, firework and bonfire and expressive sounds (wheeee, bang).  

Messy play

J is a bit sensitive to certain textures. He doesn’t like wet things. So our messy activity today was printing with different textures. 

We used cut up toilet rolls, long string and plastic forks to make different patterns. It was great cause and effect for J. I used the Makaton for the different colours and to go with the firework noises I was making. 
Here’s a link to free Makaton signs for Bonfire Night.

Symbol play

We also used today to build on his PECS use. We had sparkly pompoms to go with fireworks/colour there. J loves cause and effect and kinetic play so I knew he’d love rolling things down the tube. 

J has to make a choice and give me the card, and then pick up the actual item he gave me the symbol for. He was obviously motivated today because he did give me the right card about 90% of the activity. He even corrected himself and changed cards at one point. 

We might attempt a small, village display tonight. Firstly, because it’s free. However, mostly because it will be less crowded and easier to stand back but still see everything, but with an escape route if it’s too much for him. (It’s his first firework display).

If not we’ll watch any we can find from our windows 😉 

What’s everyone else up to today?x


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  1. Im too wondering whether to tackle a display this evening! M been poorly, am worried about his little ears. Have fun if you decide to go.
    Love your fireworks painting x

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks. Still finding paint no matter how many times I wet wipe wash him, haha. I’m taking a hat which covers his ears and coat with hood to see if that helps. The display in our town is really popular so really crowded so I thought a small village one might be better. Have fun if you do go x

      Liked by 1 person

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