Visit to preschool…speech and language.

Today J had his first visit/settling in session at Preschool. I admit I worried what J would be like in a group situation but he did really well. Yes, he had mega tantrums as he couldn’t have everything he wanted, when he wanted but he also did a lot of smiling and making sounds.

Communication needs

So, as J is a non-verbal communicator this is the plan…we will take his PECs book to Preschool. There will be an extra page for ‘Preschool only’ signs (after all we don’t have the same resources or people) that will be kept at Preschool and popped in the book when we get there. 

There will be a key person who will build on J’s pecs usage with structured activities. All the staff know Makaton so he will be able to communicate to everyone. 

Individual Education Plans

As J’s communication does impact on him educationally and socially he will be on an IEP. This is a set of targets that help J with specific skills (communication). This won’t be set up for a few weeks but it’s already discussed and will join up with speech and language therapists targets. 

Choosing childcare and early years education providers isn’t an easy thing. My next blog will be about what to ask, what to look for and explain the different types of setting.

Meanwhile we are both hungry and shattered so off for a lazy evening of TV and dinner 😉


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