Making choices (part 2)…speech and language blog

Wow it’s been a time last week. J has perfected the tantrum scream and not afraid to use it, he’s also learnt to say ‘beep beep’ for cars and babbling more freely. 

Making choices…

So, today’s pecs activity is to strengthen his deliberate use of symbols to request an item. We used his rainbow arches and his cars. First I sat nearby to guide and J would give me the card and I would then hold out the items for him to take the one he wanted. He did well and did actually take the item he had requested (and not both things as he often does). 

Next step…

Next was for me to move back and let J play. I held onto the items and waited for J to want more cars or more arches for his play. When he had all the arches or cars I would sneak over and take some back occasionally. J then had to bring the card to me and get my attention. I would then hold out the items and he took the one he requested.

He is only 1…

The structured part of the game only lasted about 2-3 minutes which is enough for a not quite 2 year old. I then moved the symbols away and let him just play and explore whilst Mummy narrated key words and Makaton signs. 

Hope everyone’s well and staying warm in this chilly weather x

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  1. Susan says:

    That’s amazing J!! What a clever cookie you must be so proud 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks Susan, I am very proud. He’s picking it all up so fast x


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