Having choices…moving on (speech and language blog)

J is coming on well with his symbols and Makaton. We still have no words but have more meaningful sounds now so hopefully we’re leading up to words. Annoyingly J was using ‘nana’ (banana), ‘baby’ and ‘beep beep’ (for cars) but that all seems to have stopped and we’re back to sounds. I won’t lie…its getting harder not to get emotional about it all now. 

Moving forward…

We have now created the start of J’s choice board. This is the one for things that aren’t in his reach. He can request a snack, more water in his water bottle etc. He will also have a choices board by his toy box so he can ask for toys that aren’t in there, or for a particular toy he wants help to get. Then we are making one near the stairs with bed, bedroom, toothbrush, bath etc so he can request why he wants to go up the stairs (he often sits at the bottom step and points to go up). 

At preschool he will have more choices boards. All these symbols can be used freely by J, but also by us adults to give more specific choices and for his one to one activities to boost his pecs and communication to next level. 

Typical 2 year old…

Despite his differences J is like many 2 year olds (he turned 2 on Saturday) he has lots of tantrums. One of his new ‘tricks’ is to pull all the symbols off the wall and throw them about. I have a feeling I may need to keep spares somewhere as I imagine these will get lost soon!!!


So, J has had a few weeks break from therapy to build on his skills. We restart after Christmas/New Year. J will also be seen by a paediatric consultant in the new year to see if there is an underlying cause for his expressive language delay. 

On his 2nd birthday, I cried. It really hit me on that day that things are progressing so slowly, despite all the tools he has. I am longing to hear him REALLY talk and have a conversation. I really want to be able to talk to him and him talk back when we’re walking around town in the buggy, rather than me nattering away with J occasionally pointing or ‘er’-ing at me. 

I love my little boy. I love his sense of humour and his gorgeous smile. I love how he lays on his side to play with his cars. I even love how he blows raspberries on my tummy-despite the amount of saliva that rolls down my stomach after! I just have to keep telling myself to give him time. After all, he’s only 2 x

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  1. Amy2016 says:

    The choices board sounds great. Hope J had a lovely second birthday. Can’t believe our babies are two already! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mummyest2014 says:

    It’s amazing how fast the time has gone. He had a lovely party with family and close friends, thank you x


  3. Jillian says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday to J. Don’t be disappointed by how slowly you feel things are doing, he’s doing so well and it’s all because of you and your belief in him. You are such an inspirational mother.


    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Aw thank you that it very sweet of you. I often wonder if I should have done things differently and do I spend enough time supporting him with speech etc. Lots of emotions being a Mummy x


      1. Amie says:

        You are doing amazing, my almost 2 year old doesn’t say many words and I haven’t sought help yet, so I think you’re doing fantastic! X


      2. mummyest2014 says:

        Thanks Amie. It’s lovely to read that your little one says a few words. That’s a great starting point. Thank for your comment, some days I don’t feel ‘fantastic’ but trying to see the positive in all the small steps 🙂 x


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