Fun at duplo farm…speech and language blog

Hi all, 

I hope everyone is feeling festive. It’s been so busy our end with Christmas parties, fayres and sorting the house for visitors. I have tried to keep a sense of ‘normality’ where possible to help avoid anxieties. It’s easy for children to get over excited and over stimulated which can then cause upset (for everyone!). 

(I found this blog the other with some great hints for those wih children who find Christmas and celebrations a bit challenging…

J currently has tonsillitis. Today we played some ‘understanding language’ games rather than encouraging speech. J has a good level of understanding so I am extending his ability to follow instructions (and build vocabulary…even if it is just inside his head right now). 

Duplo Farm

As J and I played, I started with 1 key word instructions (give me the sheep, take the girl etc) where J just had to listen to one main word as I was the only one there to give item too, and he only had to select 1 item. I then built up to 2 key words (feed the cow, put the chicken in the barn) where J had to follow 2 steps such as which animal/person and which destination or action is needed. You could argue that ‘chicken in barn’ could be 3 as we have the item, the position and the destination but in this game we had been hiding the animals in the  barn so ‘in’ was more in-context so not really additional instruction. 

J still has his fascination with doors so we spent a lot of time shutting the animals and people away. We used Makaton for animal names today. He is doing well with chicken but others will take more ‘muscle memory’ practise as they are not easy for a newly turned 2. 

So, have a lovely Christmas to those who are celebrating x

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