Post Christmas catch up…speech and language blog

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, Hanukkah or other December festival. It’s been a busy time here as it’s a chance to catch up with family and friends who I usually miss because of work and commitments.

Silent Night

No new words but J is now able to mimic  tweeting like a bird (thanks to Great Grandads budgies) and mastered the sign for cars (FINALLY) and juice. You have to love every small step, haha. It does feel like incredibly small steps. If I say to J ‘what does a bird say?’ he’ll just stare at me but if I say ‘Bird says tweet tweet’ he’ll than say “tweet tweet”. He can find birds in pictures and toy box so knows perfectly well what a bird is and what it says, he just won’t answer directly. His sounds are so selective it drives me nuts at times.

Party games

As everyone is waiting for J to just wake up one day and start quoting Shakespeare (maybe an exaggeration) I spent a lot of Xmas answering the usual questions:

‘Is he talking yet?’

‘Will he ever talk?’

‘Why doesn’t he talk?’

‘Is there something wrong with him?’ (There will NEVER be something ‘wrong’ with him…protective Mummy lion moment).

So, I use J’s random sounds as his party tricks (‘He’s not talking yet but he can do this…’). It appeases people and I feel a little less like a failure for not finding the magical ‘on switch’.

Obviously I know the questioning comes from a loving place. J is lucky to have a family who care about him and are interested in him. They only want the best so I will never really be upset by the questioning. I want so much to tell them that he is saying more and more but right now that’s just not what’s happening.

It’s over…

So, with Xmas being over and done with now for another year we look to 2017. J will have more Makaton sessions, speech and language therapy and a paediatric consultant appointment from January. J will continue at preschool and start his updated IEP (see my previous blogs). We’re also going to look for bigger house so this year will be the year of being ‘frugal’ haha.

See you in the new year 🙂

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  1. frandavis says:

    Sounds like J is doing great! Imitating tweet tweet is a really good start. It’s sad you have to field those sort of comments and questions but you are right that it does show they care. We’ve had a lovely Christmas and have been focusing on colours. For ages T has known his colours if I say which block is blue and he can point to a blue block. We’ve now been doing the signs so he can now sign red, yellow, blue and green so he can tell me what colour things are which is delightful. Words are still limited to Dada and Baba (mama) but he can make some approximation of meow, moo, woof and baa 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks Frandavis, it’s lovely to read that T is making more sounds. It’s amazing how something like an animal sound can make us so happy. Well done on the signing, it’s a lot of work for little ones so it’s always an achievement when they learn them x


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