London baby! Speech and communication blog

Today I set up J’s new London blocks by Jojo Maman Bebe. He got these for Christmas as he loves small world play. So, I set it up with his train set (which he quickly changed for cars instead but I went with it!).

J was eager to check out each of the pieces. He likes London Bridge, Globe Theatre (funnily enough Shakespeare is on Cbeebies right now), the postbox and the vehicles.


Communication doesn’t have to be verbal. J could pass me the car, the bus, the tree. He gave me a lots of wonderful eye contact and would raise his eye brows to show amusement (usually at something daft I had done). J would point to things to show me. I honestly will never take pointing for granted ever. It took him till he was more than 1 and a half to start pointing to things. It’s an amazing method of communicating and shows a want or an interest that children want to share with you.


J used the sign for car independently. He also copied bus. These are the only two signs we used because they are so similar that I wanted to focus on the subtle difference between them. A lot about signing is ‘muscle memory’ so repeating a sign is never a bad thing.

Noise bugger

For a non-verbal child, J is very loud! He would make ‘ah’ noises for the cars driving and ‘woo’ for siren on the fire engine he brought over. There were ‘eh’ (high pitched) sounds regularly which is sort of his version of narrating his play. The best noise was his laugh.

He genuinely loved these new additions. My only complaint is because they are thin they fall over easily on carpet. But that’s a minor complaint really for all the fun they are.
I haven’t been paid for this by the way, I just wanted to show how we use different toys and resources to support J’s language skills. If anyone wants us to try out any toys or books, or has any activities they’d like us to share so you can see how we use them (and oh can copy any ideas) please let us know 🙂

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