Future gymnastic Olympian…a speech and communication blog

On Tuesdays we go to our local gymnastics toddler group. It’s a great place for a lively toddler to run, climb and throw themselves around without the worry of injury. 

It’s also full of speech and understanding language opportunities:

  • Positional language
  • Stop/go
  • Action words
  • New naming words (equipment)
  • Colours etc

I focused on a mixture of action words e.g. run, climb, jump, kick, push. J did well and the only one he really had difficulty with was ‘jump’. Mind you J hasn’t quite got the concept of jumping so he usually just throws himself down or climbs down. 

Here’s J ‘pushing’ to ball (he fell over soon after this photo and decided to head butt it along the runway instead!). I asked him to kick the ball which he did well. He then was asked to throw it. This was amusing (maybe a slightly ‘bad mummy’ moment) as the ball is obviously much bigger than J. Watching him getting his arms around it and lifting it gave me the giggles. He then threw it down and landed on top of it.
 This action shot was J walking along the balance beam. I reinforced the action word by repeating “good walking”, “J is walking” etc. 
I will soon bring in the Makaton for these actions. I’m just waiting for our ‘everyday words’ signs to be strengthened first. It’s good to have a plan of which signs you are prioritising to avoid overload. 

Anyway, J is now sound asleep (love nap times) so I am going to enjoy some peace and quiet on the sofa. 🙂

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