Squishy, squashy sensory play…our speech and special needs Journey 

J is a sensitive boy. He doesn’t like a lot of sounds, visuals and textures. His dislike for wet and sticky textures makes him an awful little bugger for food.

So, we have been working on desensitising J to sensory play in the hope it leads to him being less fussy over food (he lives on sausages, crisps and Mummys spag bol). 

Soap foam

We brought some soap foam to try in the bath. J was instantly interested simply because it had Paw Patrol on it. Soap foam is lovely stuff. It has the texture of a slightly more solid foam so it can be manipulated a bit before disappearing into the bath water. 

It’s a great starting place as J has the ‘safety’ of the bath to instantly get rid of the texture on his hand. It also means less cleaning up for me 😉

At first I squirted it on my hand and let J have a feel at his own pace. It was mainly poking and then light patting…followed by instantly putting hand under the water to get it off again.

I put some on the side of bath for J to feel. He wanted to wipe it off and used his hand to push it off and into the bath. He did laugh at it when it was on his hand and stared at it whilst wiggling his fingers. So, progress is showing.

There’s a few blogs that use shaving foam for this kind of play. My issue with that is the chemicals and the smell. The soap foam is designed for kiddies so (depending on which you buy) it is kinda on their skin…and smells better!

I’d love to hear any ideas you’ve tried that your little one has loved 😍

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    What a great idea. Love the fact i wouldn’t have to do any cleaning!!


    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks Helen. It’s definately a ‘win-win’…sensory play and a clean bath haha x


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