Woo-woo’s and Toot-Toots…a speech and language journey.

First off, the title made me cringe just typing it. I spend a lot of my time at preschool encouraging children to say the names of things instead of the sounds e.g.: “it’s a sheep…not a ‘baabaa'” and “it’s a train…not a ‘toot toot'”. So at home with J I have tried my best to encourage the difference between the items name and the sounds it makes.

Obviously at toddler age and delayed/disorders with speech then any type of sound and communication is great. So we let J  call the fire engine a ‘woo-woo’ whilst we call it the Fire Engine (we hear this sound over and over and over and over lately). 

New vocab

Now that J is mastering the different vehicles and firmly knows train, car, bus, plane and fire engine by selection or pointing, I am bringing in ‘boat’ (including the Makaton sign). I brought a boat toy for the bath as frankly, he has enough ‘everyday’ toys. Here is the speedboat from the Splash range 


I was a bit anxious about putting this in the bath, after all it’s an electronic toot toot toy. I checked and double checked box to make sure it was a bath toy. I then took the plunge and gave it to J. He instantly held it under the water so the test begun…and it passed! It definately is water friendly and both the lights and sounds still work. The toy has wheels so it can be used inside and outside the bath. J had fun running it along the bathtub as well as pushing it in and out the bubbles. It is sturdy and no loose parts which is great when you have an exploratory toddler who likes to pull things apart. 

Typical of the Toot Toot range it has the slightly annoying repeated phrases which can get tedious as an adult, but didn’t bother J. Quite frankly I am used to all sorts of noisy toys now so it rolls into the background. 

It’s bright and colorful like you expect from the Vtech company. J played with it for over 15 minutes so pretty sure he would give a thumbs up 👍🏻

Price-wise I do think these are a little steep. However if you hunt around you can often find deals or multibuys to bring the price down. I justified the price but telling myself it’s a different type of toy to enhance bath time and get J interested enough to communicate the key word ‘boat’. So, worth it for us!

It’s important to go with children’s interest when learning Makaton or enhancing speech. By gaining the child’s attention and getting them involved in the play then they are more likely to engage in any learning you want to encourage. For us, our Makaton signs are food and vehicle based…with a few everyday words such as ‘help’. 

What bath toys do you recommend?🛁

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  1. frandavis says:

    Interesting about the sounds for a thing. T’s speech therapist really wants us to focus on the sounds and he’s doing well with his animal sounds and also does brrm for a car and copies the sound of a vacuum cleaner. So I guess she wants him to follow the normal path of speech development, although I don’t know why the sounds come first.

    In terms of bath toys I found a really nice Thomas the tank engine toy. There’s a little track that suckers to the bath and the train rolls down the track. No batteries needed! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thomas-Engine-Friends-Tracks-Fisher/dp/B002S52VZ2

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Yeah I think it’s the normal progression through speech sounds to speech for little ones. I love hearing J making his woowoo sound, I bet T’s vacuum cleaner noise is cute too 😉 ohhh J would love a Thomas the Tank bath too…pretty much any vehicles and he’s happy haha x


  2. Ah what a good idea, sounds like he’s doing really well with communicating vehicles. My little boy got a load of toot toot cars for Christmas and my goodness they are irritating aren’t they?!! Most of them are turned off a lot of the time 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      I still remember the day J learnt how to turn them on by himself….that was a loud day, haha x


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