Never underestimate the ‘everyday’…a speech and special needs Journey.

Today was J’s best friends 3rd birthday (J is youngest of his friends). We went round for a birthday party with my best friends friends and family. We had a lovely ‘party tea’ and of course, lots of cake!

As I sat and laughed with the other Mum’s and Dad’s, watching the children play and run around like wild animals (thanks sugar rush!) it suddenly hit me…we were doing something normal.

J didn’t need his pecs book as I was there and everything he needed was within reach. I didn’t have an ‘agenda’ to his play or a target I wanted him to work towards. J didn’t even need to use much Makaton. The only language he needed was laughter.

I felt like a ‘normal’ Mum, doing a’normal’ thing.

J knows this place. He visits often. He knows where the ‘quiet’ places are when it gets to much, he knows where his favourite toys are and his ‘auntie’ knows his special ways and his cues too. He was happy and I was happy.

There were times he wasn’t as impressed such as singing ‘happy birthday’ (he’s not a fan of group singing, haha) and the sparkler on the cupcakes (he watches from safety of the hall). But he coped, and it didn’t turn into a meltdown.

With all the times I have to think and plan for J to make sure his wellbeing is priority wherever we go, it was nice to feel ‘normal’. That word can have such negativity about it…implying that there’s something wrong with the alternative. There isn’t! I love J, and I love his way of viewing the world. He is perfectly wonderfully.

But sometimes, it’s nice to just…be a normal Mummy.

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