A poem by a very talented blogger…’Don’t Make Me Speak’

Today I read the most beautiful poem by ‘Anonymously Autistic’. I have been following this blog for a while as I find it fascinating to read about the experiences of the world from the mind of an adult who is Autistic. I have read many theorists and many articles from parents. This blog is different because it’s more ‘real’. 

For me, it gives an insight into how life may be for J (if his diagnosis is confirmed…6 weeks to genetic test results). It shows me how his brain might function and how he will view the world around him. 

This poem strikes me in my heart because I can imagine it’s what is going through J’s head when we try to get him to talk to us verbally (maybe not as eloquently haha). Or when adults in the shops, restaurant, play park come towards us and try to get him to say ‘hello’ to them. 

Please give this a read…

Don’t Make Me Speak, by Anonymously Autistic.
I’d love to hear your thoughts x

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