Signs and symbols…

Today was a fun day. It was a long day! J’s Early Years advisor came to see how he was settling in at preschool. She made some lovely comments of the developments she noticed since she last saw him.


After our long day at work/preschool we chilled with the iPad together on the sofa. We put on the Makaton app which shows the signs and symbols for the basic level words. 

We were having fun pressing the different symbols and listening to the funny sentences it made. We watched the lady signing. J is always fascinated when he sees other people using Makaton. 

J was highly amused when he found the symbol for ‘no’ and made a very long sentence full of ‘no, no, no…’. Funny how children gravitate to that word, haha. 

I’m hoping that over time J will use this as another method of communicating, and it will encourage him to copy and say the words. 

I’m always on the look out for more speech and Makaton apps. Is there any that you recommend?

NOTE: app being used is MyChoicePad available on iPad šŸ™‚ 

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