Valentines Day Blows…

So, we found some lovely fake rose petals in a ‘cheap and cheerful’ store near us. With Valentines Day coming up I thought we’d use these for a bit of a speech game.

It takes a lot of tongue, cheek and lip movement to make sounds. With J not forming many words and only restricted sounds I do worry that when/if he does talk it will be unclear as the muscles won’t be as formed.

Today’s activity was to blow the petals around the carpet. 


First we used straws. J had to use his lips to form a seal, and then cheek and tongue positioning to make the air go though the straw. J found this really challenging. He can suck through a straw easily. However, blowing was difficult and it was more spit than air! So we abandoned the straws after a little while.

Blowing from mouth

Next we blew directly from the mouth. This was easier but still got the mouth muscles moving so achieved the goal of the activity. J had fun blowing them around and was really focusing the direction on his breath towards the petals. So again, gaining control of his mouth movements. 


Being a toddler J couldn’t resist them kicking them around the living room. I have a feeling I will be finding petals for a while…❤🥀

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