Valentines Day Blows…fun with petals.

We found some lovely fake rose petals in a ‘cheap and cheerful’ store near us. With Valentines Day coming up I thought we’d use these for a bit of a speech game.

It takes a lot of tongue, cheek and lip movement to make sounds. With J not forming many words and only restricted sounds I do worry that when/if he does talk it will be unclear as the muscles won’t be as formed. By using ‘blowing’ activities it encourages muscle control, tongue positioning and focus on the mouth area. For the child it’s just fun so it’s therapy/learning without realising it. Not only does it support speech but it can help with eating and support ‘droolers’ to manage their mouth control (oral movements).

Todays activity was: Blowing Petals

Using Straws

First we used straws. J had to use his lips to form a seal, and then cheek and tongue positioning to make the air go though the straw. J found this really challenging. He can suck through a straw easily. However, blowing was difficult and it was more spit than air! So we abandoned the straws after a little while.

Blowing from mouth

Next we blew directly from the mouth. This was easier but still got the mouth muscles moving so achieved the goal of the activity. J had fun blowing them around and was really focusing the direction on his breath towards the petals. So again, gaining control of his mouth movements.

Using Feet

Being a toddler J couldn’t resist them kicking them around the living room. It may not be ‘blowing’ related but it’s fun and it’s important to end structured chicories on a positive note. I have a feeling I will be finding petals for a while…❤🥀

Other resources you can use for blowing activities:

  • Pingpong balls (this is fun on a table where they can blow it off the side to score goals).
  • Scrunched up paper, although this can be tricky if paper is too big so this is good for those who already have some blowing skills.
  • Blowing bubbles into water (great in the bath with a straw or use washing up bowl).
  • Pinterest has a wealth of ideas!You can also use this as opportunity to support the Early Years outcome for ‘Understanding the World‘ where children learn about people and customs. These are fun Valentines Day themed activity so you can bring in conversations about love and the symbol of roses. How flowers are given as presents, red is colour for love etc. Obviously this depends on the age and understand of your child. If they aren’t ready to talk about what Valentines Day means, it’s still a bit of fun and makes you feel part of the celebration.

I hope you all enjoy Valentines Day ❤️

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