Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

Today is the last day of half term. Tomorrow I am back at work and J is back to preschool. We have had a lovely week off and decided to spend our last day at the beach.

I thought we would use the opportunity to use action words (verbs). J has started to mimic the intonation of words later which is amazing. He isn’t saying them clearly but you can hear it’s definately an attempt to copy the word. These are all naming words (nouns). So, adding in action words seemed the logical next step.

I don’t expect J to use the words but I do expect him to understand them. He should be able to perform the action especially in context. I wanted to add more to his ‘brain bank’.

Run and running…I asked J to ‘run to A’ (his cousin). It’s not easy to run on sand so was a slow version of run. I would then comment ‘yey, you’re running’ to reinforce the tense and word.

Drive and driving (can also be push and pushing)…I asked J to drive his car. I then commenting ‘good driving J’. This car cost half my wages in the arcades. He better love it forever!!!

Splash and splashing…J is hit and miss whether he wants to go in the sea or not. Today was a ‘yes’ day. I asked him to ‘splash the water’ and then says ‘wow, lots of splashing’. This resulted in half a welly of water but was so fun.

…as much as I’m guilty of being ‘teacher Mum’ I don’t always make J do speech activities. He did have fun just exploring and racing around. However, it’s always helpful to bring speech and early learning into everyday life because a happy/engaged child is more open to learning and having a try.

I want to visit other seaside places over the summer. Anywhere in south east England you recommend?x

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