Meet Ronald the Rhino

J and I are members of Twinkl. This is a fab resource website for families and teacher/education providers. I use Twinkl for my preschool and recently started to use my ‘mummy’ account to download bits for J. It saves me a lot of time and swearing at the computer, as the resources are ready to download and print (and you can amend them to personalise them). 

Recently we have been looking at ‘Ronald the Rhino’. J loves stories and so I downloaded this onto the tablet for us to read together. It’s a story about a rhino with a personality complex. He doesn’t feel special compared with the other animals in the jungle. The animals then help Ronald to realise why he is just as unique as they are. It has lovely pictures and the pages aren’t too ‘busy’. 

With J, if a page has too much on it then he won’t really focus on the story and will just be pointing to things or looking everywhere else. 

The story is quite long for my 2 year old. However it is simple so you can just adapt it to suit your child’s age/ability. We missed out a few parts as J doesn’t concentrate for long. My aim is that as we reread and reread it I will be able to add more of the story in. 

As my regular readers know, J uses PECS to communicate. I downloaded the picture cards from the story (also available as one of the downloadable resources from Twinkl) and used them to get J to join in retelling the story. We put them in order and I said the story in its most basic form. We then looked at the E-book again and J found the pictures of the main characters.

J has a few difficulties with emotions. He is an ‘all or nothing’ child and can get upset at others emotions. I am trying to bring in emotional understanding. So crying means sad, laughing means happy. 

We looked at the faces on the pictures (all very clear) and I used Makaton to say happy/sad. 

I also downloaded the colouring in sheets. J loves colouring and making lots of marks. In true ‘teacher Mum’ style I used this to build on his listening and undedstanding. I asked him ‘can you colours Ronald’s feet?’, ‘colour his nose’ etc. J did well with this and could follow the instructions. That boy just amazes me at times.

I will say that I was not paid for this entry. However I did receive a free membership so I could access the e-book. I have a work account but as I wanted to write this as ‘mummy’ Twinkl set me up with a new membership so it didn’t blur the Professional/personal lines. As always I have written my honest views ☺️

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