The wait…

It’s been 5 weeks since J Genetic Test but it’s felt more like 5 months. I don’t wish time away, but at the same time 6-8 weeks feels like forever when it may lead to life changing information.

Does J have Fragile x? Does J have Autism? Is this all just J’s personality or is it my parenting style?

This morning I was feeling creative and made J a ‘butterfly breakfast’. This is the first time I’ve made arrangements with food. J just stared at it for a good 2 minutes with that blank look on his face (like someone had switched him off). I said ‘J, you can eat it’ and then he picked up the banana and made a start. 

I realised then, was this too much a change for J? Did it throw him off as it wasn’t the ‘norm’? If J does have Autism or related disorder then this would make sense as you can’t just randomly change this without support. If there’s no underlying reason for J’s communication and social difficulties then have I just been an overly cautious parent?

It’s hard to know how to deal with J sometimes. I have worked with lots of children with special needs including Autism. I know that you have to see the world how they do and guide them through it. You can’t always discipline them the same way as another child. So, how do I deal with J laying on the floor refusing the move? How do I deal with his vicious physical attacks on me? 
If J does have more specific special needs then he needs a different way of dealing with life and social skills. I try and deal with J how I have dealt with my previous ASD experiences. These seems to help and deescalate him better than telling him off/time out etc. You can’t talk it through with J! But am I making things worse and letting him get away with behaviour that can be changed through conventional telling off methods? 

Does this even make sense?

I feel like I’m rambling today but right now I feel in limbo. I feel like J is ‘schrondingers cat’ as at this point he could have special needs or he can just be going through terrible 2’s (thanks Big Bang Theory for a good analogy). 

I guess for now I continue treating J as we have been. Visual prompts,deescalation  and trying not to give him random butterflies for breakfast!

Bring on results day…

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  1. WeeOhana says:

    The waiting does feel like a long time doesn’t it =[
    We have been told that Dylan has autism but can’t be officially diagnosed until he is 2 1/2 but I know fine and well that he will only join the list when he is 2 1/2 and it will be even longer before we get an official diagnosis
    You are doing fantastically, keep going ❤

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks WeeOhana. I really appreciate that! Once the genetics tests are back we then have assessment nursery to complete for 3 weeks and then we get our diagnosis. I’m still not 100% sure what I think it will be but taking it a day at a time x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. WeeOhana says:

        That’s the best way to take it,one day at a time!
        Keep going, your doing super 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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