St Davids Day: Creating Daffodils…

On Wednesday it is St Davids Day. This is the patron saint of Wales. I am half Welsh (my dad’s side) so thought that this year we’d make some daffodil pictures to celebrate. Daffodils are the national symbol for Wales.

I don’t like ‘factory process’ crafts where everything is chosen for the child and they are told where to place everything. So, I wanted this activity to be about ‘yellow’ and J could choose how to be creative. Even if this meant it wouldn’t be ‘pinterest level’ of crafts!

We had:

Yellow paint (Crayola paints so they actually wash out)


Yellow pompoms

Egg cartons (for printing or painting)

Paper and card.

Apron (also Crayola-and no I haven’t been paid to say their name, I just genuinely love their craft stuff).

J would point to what he wanted. Our key sign was ‘yellow’. J had a good try at signing it. 

At first he wanted to print and then was rubbing the pompoms around before then placing around the paper. Then he reached for more paper and this time he used the brush. Lastly he wanted to put the egg carton cut outs on the paper and painted it (well, some of it). 

Then his concentration was spent and he signed ‘finished’.  I set everything aside to dry and offered him the chance to add the green for the stalks later in the day (when his attention was back on the activity). 

(Photo from our Instagram page)

We had real daffodils on the table so J could see what we were creating. If I said to him the word ‘daffodil’ he wouldn’t know what on earth I was in about. By showing him the flower (and signing) and saying it’s name was a ‘daffodil’ he could make sense of the word and it’s meaning.

Once the paint had dried J was given the option to glue on green stalks or to draw them on. He choose the pens (and now has green streaks on his forehead) and made his marks. We will give the card to Grandad tomorrow. 

So, to everyone celebrating on Wednesday ‘Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi’🌼

To find out the colours in Makaton click here for a short YouTube video by Mr Tumble 🌈 

To find out more about Makaton and how it can support your child, click here to access the website (and find free resources in the shop) ⭐️

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