Mary Berry can suck it…

Not really, I love her! But I do think that J should be on the next ‘Great British Bake Off’ after today’s adventures. 

Today we made ‘chocolate crispy cakes’. I wanted J to get hands on with different textures and encourage him to eat different things (ok not the healthiest but it’s still a new food/texture). 

I asked J to help break the chocolate up but it was a bit challenging so we compromised. Mummy broke up the chocolate and J put it in the bowl…and a little piece in his mouth (ok, ok and Mummy’s mouth).

We melted the chocolate and J added the crispies. He picked up some that fell out and put it in the bowl. He’s generally good with dry textures so he was fine with this.

J helped set out the cake cases. A lot more fiddly than we thought but he did well…he put them all into neat lines…good lad (Mummy is ever so slightly OCD about things like that).

Next J was surprisingly eager to help spoon in the mixture. I really didn’t think he would give it a go but he did. It did mean he had to wash his hands every 5 seconds as the mixture dared to touch his hands and fingers. But he did fill up a lot of the cake cases.

I asked J if he wanted to lick the spoon but he said ‘uh-uh’ (no) and disappeared off to watch Justin instead. So Mummy had the left overs hehe. 

At lunch time J had one of his cakes. He had a couple of bites and then donated to Mummy. But he tried it which means it was a success. I am always on the look out for other easy recipes. So please share any links or recipes either on the comments, Facebook or Instagram x

(Top and trousers from RJ Apparel)

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