An argument free dinner time…

J is a very fussy eater. There are so many textures that he just won’t touch. His ‘J approved food list’ is pretty much limited to:

  • Mummy’s spag bol (no one else’s)
  • Mummy’s fish linguine (no one else’s)
  • Chicken and rice from Chinese take out
  • Happy meal (chicken nugget only)
  • Sausage and chips
  • Fruit bar

That is pretty much what he will live on. I try and add something to the plate such as veg (peas, baby corn and broccoli only) and potato in various forms. His food must be dry so no sauce and well cooked so not a hint of wetness.

J has food allergies and intolerances. Most don’t really make a difference to everyday life such as prawns and kiwi. However, the milk allergy (CMPA) is different. We have been working on the reintroduction ladder for over a year. We seem to go up, then down and up a mini step. We had to skip cheese as J just wouldn’t eat it (we manage to hide it in spag bol too at least have a little in his system). We also skipped cream and custard as they are just too wet for him.  So, we have hit a barrier now.

My worry was that missing these stages would cause issues further down the line. Soooo I thought I’d try something new. I saw these in the freezer section (Bannisters’ Farm Potato Skins with cheese and smiley bacon) when shopping and thought ‘let’s give this a try’.

As J’s usual reaction to dinner is to eat one thing and then throw the plate on the floor we have been trailing something different at dinner times.

Less is more

We have a plate and a bowl. We put the food in the bowl and then add a few pieces onto the plate. The idea is that it look less intimidating. The secret reason is that it’s less for him to throw on the floor. I also put only a small amount of his favourite food (today was the sausage) so he doesn’t fill up on it and then refuse everything else.

Ignore him

I don’t mean that in a mean way. I just mean that instead of the usual talking about food, encouraging him to eat, praising him etc etc we just get on and eat, and talk about our day. Daddy and I talked about random day to day bits (whilst keeping one eye on J).

Give him more

When J’s plate was empty I asked if he wanted ‘more’. He signed more so I put another few pieces of everything on the plate.

When he had eaten all (yes, I said all) his food I still didn’t praise. I acknowledged ‘wow, you’ve eaten all your dinner’ and then offered him his pudding ‘do you want a yoghurt?’. J knows he only gets a yoghurt if he eats his tea.

Daddy and I were giving each other the ‘OMG’ look. J ate not only the NEW food that has CHEESE in it but the broccoli and the sausages. His plate and bowl were both…


I can’t say whether it’s a fluke but it’s definately something we’ll continue. I think maybe the ‘fuss’ of food time was too over stimulating for him. It was a lot of communication and emotion which are 2 things J struggles with anyway. For now I am just so happy to have had an argument free family dinner!

Do you have a fussy eater? Have you any hints or tips? Do you think our new routine will work for you and your little darling? Please like or comment and let us know ❤

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  1. Very interesting!

    I struggle so much to catch up on your posts having such a busy day to day myself, with the added dramas!
    This one just came through on my email whilst I’m in bed feeling sorry for myself!

    My brother who is high on spectrum is very much the same with food. He eats just chicken nuggets and chips, which he tops and tails the ends off. It fascinates me the need for that pattern/routine. X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      Thanks BB&F! Life is so busy when you’re a Mummy so I don’t blame you, haha. Autism can be very fascinating. I’ve been reading up about other similar conditions such as Fragile x. It’s amazing how different minds can work x


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