More sensory play…water beads.

J has been making progress with texture play. It’s still not his favourite thing to do but he’s more willing to stick a finger in. Today we explored ‘water beads’. They start really small and then you place in water to make them grow.

J helped to add them into the water the day before. He wasn’t impressed when I took them away but I wanted to leave over night. Once they had ‘grown’ I brought them back in to explore.

I wasn’t sure if J would touch them so I brought in spoons and bowls. However I was surprised to find that he put his hands straight in. I had drained all the water so it was just the beads. J looked surprised that they were squishy so I think he had expected them to be ‘balls’. He quickly pulled his hands out and then put used fingers to pick them up…this time a bit more cautiously.

Within minutes J was putting both hands in and squeezing. He would put on the bowl and generally throw them around. He then added his vehicles and was driving them around. It was lovely to watch. 

We talked about colours and would sign them using Makaton. He usually copies these signs as he’s not learnt them by heart yet but he knows which colours is which (eg: where’s the blue bead? and he points). 

(J signing ‘red’ after pouring in the red water beads into the water)

I am impressed at how well J took to this textures. The best thing is that it is a ‘clean’ activity. It’s slimy to touch but doesn’t leave any stickiness. So for those with sensory issues it’s a great introduction to more wet textures.

I think this will be making an appearance regularly. Any ideas on what else we can with them? X

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