Prepare for Prepositions…

Our latest ‘concept building’ is prepositions. So, we’ve been playing games where we go in, on, under and over things. Today’s game was using our amazing wooden rainbow set (I love these things) and Thomas Minis.

We started with me setting up a ‘track’. My train went first and I would say ‘under…over…under…in the train park’. J then copied the actions and was smiling. His train said ‘choo, choo’ (which is AMAZING to hear him say).

Then we added more pieces and J made his own obstacle track for us to follow. I continued narrating on his turn and my turn so the words become familiar. You can use anything really…blocks, train accessories like tunnels, small world bits and bobs.

Concept and preposition words are an important part of language. It helps children create or understand sentences e.g. ‘Ball chair’ becomes ‘ball under chair’ which takes on a whole other level of meaning.

I will also introduce PECs and Makaton so J can use this words in his own way as well as following the instruction using them. This will be in a few more weeks though as we need to start level 4 pecs and begin basic sentence construction first (e.g. Red pencil instead of just the pencil symbol).

As I’ve written before-understanding usually develops quicker than speech. This is why we do so many ‘understanding’ based games. Something worth googling if you ever get the chance is something called Wellcomm. I have used their ‘Big Book of Ideas’ for understanding activities. You can also try places such as Pinterest and type things like ‘speech and langue understanding games’. Or take a look back through my achives for more understanding games ❤

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