‘Two-nado’ vs Mummy…

Well today is one of those ‘honest blogs’. J was not in the mood for our pecs activity but as I am back to full time work, I don’t have the luxury of much ‘spare time’ so J has to just suck it up and do it when Mummy asks sometimes.

Easier said than done when it’s a ‘two-nado’ we’re talking about.

Anyway, the aim was for J to request what colours he wanted to add to the book (it’s one of those magnet books where the pieces end up under the f’ing sofa). J has pretty much mastered his current pecs levels so I’m bringing in colours so he can then start to make more specific requests (e.g.: red pencil rather than just pencil) once we get the go ahead from speech therapy.

J did well for the first two pieces as he wanted two very specific items so he gave me the colour so he could choose them. But once the train and car were added he had little interest. I ended up with him sat on my knee and doing ‘hand over hand’ for a few goes.

This worked and he realised I wasn’t giving in so the next few he did (begrudgingly) do on his own. I didn’t make him do all the pieces as I don’t want him to associate pecs as a means of stress. But he’s also old enough to begin having his attention span ‘stretched’.

This could have been an activity kept to myself. It was almost a fail and not really a ‘Pinterest moment’. But I decided to post it anyway just to show that we are human.

It’s ok to have crap days where our children isn’t don’t want to do these activities. It’s about the journey not how many steps it takes. Some days we’ll leap and others we tiptoe. So, if you read the perfect blogs and Pinterest and Instagram and think ‘wow, something is lacking with my parenting skills’ then I hope this entry helps you to realize that you are doing a great job. The fact you car enough to give activities a try, speaks volumes. 

Now off to open a bottle of wine…🍷

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  1. WeeOhana says:

    Sometimes they just don’t wanna comply! Kids eh! Least he tried for a while 😀
    Think you deserve that wine though! Enjoy your night 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mummyest2014 says:

      I am more gutted as I found I have no wine in the house so had to settle for a cherry Pepsi max! Haha. Good job he’s cute x

      Liked by 1 person

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