Oi Frog…our first Explory Box

First off, this is not an ad or a sponsored post blah blah blah. I like to share products and people that I think genuinely are of interest and have been helpful for us.

Today we explored our first Explory Box. This is the fantastic brain child of Kelly, a Mumpreneur  (to ‘the monkey’ and ‘the son’) who wanted something for parents to use that truelly engaged their child and how THEY as individuals learn. 

 We won this in an Instagram Competition and have been sooo eager to get started. The Explory Boxes are monthly activity packs for preschoolers (or you can buy individual boxes if you don’t want to sign up). 

Our box was frog themed so perfect for this time of year. We sat in the garden today (first proper sunny Saturday so was very excited) and had a look at what was inside.

We had:

  • Oi Frog book

    This came with a hint card to help grown ups extend the story. It helps with literacy and communication skills. The child has to listen and think of answers. For J I amended some questions so he could point or gesture. 

    • Pretend ‘grow your own’ frogspawn.

      This was fun. J added the water and we read the story whilst it did its thing. Once it had ‘grown’ it really did look like mini frogspawn. J put his hand straight in and his disgusted face was hysterical. He did laugh after wiping it off his hand. This helps with Understanding the World and Expressive Arts (Kelly has a love affair with Pinterest so expect lots of interesting and quirky activities like this, haha)

      • Challenge cards 

      Some of these were a bit advance for J or simple ones he can’t do with the additional needs he has. However, I would rather things were challenging so he could ‘grow and develop’ rather than a bunch of things he could already do. The challenge cards help with listening skills and communication (as well as physical development as it gets them moving).

      • Frog life cycle info

        We had a look at this when exploring the ‘frogspawn’. I brought in new language for J and he looked at the photos. We’re going to see if we can get some real frogspawn and watch the process for real. We’ll use this cycle chart as symbol cards for J to use.

        • Pattern game

        This is fab for maths skills. Believe it or not pattern games are a basic form of algebra. We haven’t played this yet but it’s definately on our to do list (will be great for when we need an ‘indoor activity’).

        • a necklace.

         This is great for J to chew, fiddle and general play with when having cuddles with me. Hopefully will stop him ruining all my delicate chains!

        • a trial of nail wraps.

        These are very pretty and will definately wear on my next ‘Mummy Night Off’. 

        • Fairy dust for the bath

        With J’s eczema I have to be careful what I put in the bath so we’ll start off with a small amount. I’ll post photos on our Instagram when we do use it.

        • Freddo

        This was just the icing on the top! J was most excited by the chocolate bar, haha. 

        The box was well packed and things were wrapped in pretty paper so J was eager to get stuck in. I love the fact that there are little Mummy gifts too! Everything is laminated and in good condition. The box covered all 7 ‘areas of learning’ in the UK ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’.

        My only suggestion for the lovely Explory Box is to maybe have a little info on how the different activities are covering the EYFS. I work in Early Years so for me I knew the benefit of all the activities. I wonder whether other parents/carers would like this info too. I will add here that Kelly has made sure to research learning styles and get Early Years advice so the boxes are very ‘preschool age friendly’ (J is 2yrs and has loved it, it would definately do up to a 4/5yr old too so don’t be put off by the word ‘preschool).

        These boxes are great for rainy days, outdoor play, home learning and I think Childminders would enjoy these. I have to say that Kelly is a very driven and hardworking woman. Her sense of humour definately shines through in this box which gives it a real ‘family friendly’ feel rather than a more corporate factory settings feel.

        If you would like any more info or to see more photos of the Explory Box go to their Instagram. Want to help me out? Let them I sent you 😘

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