Good Friday: exploring Easter

Whether you are religious or not, you can’t escape Easter. Like most holidays it’s been blown up into commercialism. For some it still holds religious significance, for others it’s more about the chocolate and celebration of Spring….but mostly the chocolate. I used to get annoyed by the hypocracy of non-Christians celebrating Easter but now I think to myself that anything that brings families together is a good thing.

Today is Good Friday. For us as a Christian family we celebrate (which seems a weird word in this situation) the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross. He died and Easter is about Jesus coming back to life to share the message of God one last time.

So, how are we celebrating today? Well, our celebration will last 3 days. Today we spent with friends. It wasn’t quite ‘the last supper’ but we did have some lovely food and the children had fun playing.

J and I then had a day full of fun games and LOTS of stories.

Sensory play

We used yellow split peas to make a sensory play pot. This is to help J to desensitise himself to different textures. The split peas are dry but shiny so it does have a slightly different texture to it. We had chicks and a bucket to collect the bits in. It was a great activity for the following experiences:

  • Colour matching chicks
  • Counting chicks
  • Fine manipulative skills
  • Control of tools
  • Maths concepts (full/empty)
  • Colour vocabulary
  • Makaton for chick and yellow.

I didn’t rush J into touching the split peas. We started by using the spoons, then I slowly took them away. I put them on my hand and held it out to J. He wiped them off my hand a few times. He then put his hand in cautiously. After that he was a lot more confident (although didn’t like when they stuck to him). He even tried his feet 😂

Spring stories

I try to make ‘theme book baskets’ for J on special occasions. This is his spring box. He chooses books whenever he wants and either sits and looks by himself or pushes it into my face (doesn’t matter if I’m on phone or busy, when it’s story time, it’s story time!).

I try to make the opportunity to bring in pecs and Makaton where I can. It’s better if it’s at the child’s pace and when they have shown they are ready to interact with you. Much better than try to negotiate him away from his cars or trains to do his activities!

Bible time

Tonight’s bedtime story will be the Easter based stories in J’s bible. This was a gift from our church when J was Christened. Each story is one or two pages long so great for toddlers. As he gets older we can talk more about it and the meanings. For now I’m just introducing him to it all.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the Easter celebrations including activities about the key ‘symbols’ of Easter such as hot cross buns/the stone, eggs etc. Then Sunday we have church service and TWO Easter Egg hunts. I hope you’ll pop by and see what else we get up to.

What’s your plans for Easter?x

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