What to do with leftover chocolate after Easter

So, it’s almost a week since Easter Sunday and my house was over taken by mountains of chocolate! J has only been able to eat chocolate for a few months due to working through his allergies so everyone was excited to be able to buy him Easter Eggs this year.

This led to a giant pile of chocolate animals, chocolate coins, Easter eggs, Kinder Eggs and packs of chocolate. J has enjoyed having lots of chocolate but after an increase in his eczema and (sorry to be gross) but some weaponisable poos I think it is time the chocolate disappeared.

Chocolate crispy cakes

Today we got all the remaining chocolate and melted it in the microwave (took 1 min, then further 1 minute). We add rice crispy based cereal and gave it a good mix. J was more interested in pouring things in the mixing but we got there. We then scooped into the cake cases and added the left over smarties.

These have been in the fridge and are now ready to eat (by Mummy, Daddy and J after tea). By the end of tomorrow they will be gone and Easter is officially over in our household.

Being ‘frugal‘:

This year in the pile of goodies me and Daddy brought J, there was a reuseable ‘egg’ I got from Tiger. This was great and we filled with little chocolate. We are keeping this to use again next year so that’s a bit of money saved. We have also kept the Easter bags for next year too…just remind me I’ve done this!

Packets of chocolate have gone in the cupboard as they are smaller so can be saved for another time and spread over weeks. These have a decent ‘best before’ date so will last a while (if husband doesn’t get to them first!).

Here are some other ideas from some amazing bloggers of how to get past the post-Easter chocolate overload: 

Chocolate hot cross bread and butter pudding for us! We will have lots of dairy free chocolate to last us ages so we have a blow out dessert and then ration the rest over the next few weeks!” By Emma at Ready, Freddie, Go.

Sarah suggests making ‘Chocolate Bark‘ and the recipe is here at Digital Motherhood.

Now that J’s birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter are out the way it’s time for my yearly diet to begin…my blogs may have a more moody overtime as I come down from the sugar high, haha.

I’d love to hear how your Easter went or any more suggestions on what to do with all the left over chocolate! Comment ir come visit us at Facebook or Instagram


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