How a GRO-Clock saved my life…

Well, it didn’t technically ‘save my life’ but it saved my sanity!

I have been a fan of the GRO company since J was a baby. We had the GRO Egg (until I killed it by knocking it on floor one sleepless night) and the GRO bags (which were amazing as J was/is a wiggler). But when I heard of the GRO clock, I admit I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really get how it would work as surely children can just ignore it as it’s only a light?

J was an AWFUL sleeper until he was 1! We tried everything but eventually it just clicked and he started to sleep through. There were odd nights where he was awake more than asleep, but generally he’d sleep 7.30-7. Then just before he was 2 he started to call out to me at 2am, 4am, 6am and our day would then begin (through blurry eyes).

(J sleeps with three blankets and 2 pillows and 5 soft toys…all of which I have to sneak in and reposition or remove before I go to bed so he doesn’t suffocate!)

It only got worse after day light savings (and our GRO black out blind is tucked up in attic from last summe so haven’t actually got it out). J would insist on calling me to start the day at 6 every morning. He still went to sleep by 7.30 (he goes to bed at 7 but he has to lay and have a chat in his own J language to his toys).

According to NHS guidance a 2 year old needs 11.5 hours sleep a night so that makes J’s wake up time 7am. The website also recommends a 1.5hr nap so considering J doesn’t get that anymore, I think encouraging a later lie in is needed…for Mummy too!

I brought the GRO clock as I figured it was worth a go. I did swear a little setting it up as it was a bit fiddly but now I’ve mastered it, I can reset any time I need to. It’s actually quite simple once you get used to it and if you don’t turn it off at the plug then you don’t need to reset it every night.

The first night

I set the clock for 7am. I then read the book that comes with the clock to J. He loves books so that part was easy. I then took him upstairs to show the clock to him. I used the demo mode to explain it all in simple terms.

“The sun goes to bed, and the blue star comes out. Blue star means ‘bed’ and one to sleep. Hello, yellow sun you’re awake. Yellow sun means you can shout ‘Mama, daddy’ and we’ll come get you…blue star, bed. Yellow sun, wake up time”.

J seemed quite excited. But I wasn’t sure if he understood so we just went for it.

So, how did it go?

We’ve been using the GRO clock for just over a week now. I am AMAZED. Every night we say ‘goodnight sun’ and watch the sun fade and the star come up. I then say ‘it’s time for…’ and J shouts “ber” (bed). EVERY morning except one near the beginning J hasn’t called for me and Daddy until 7am when the sun comes up. I can hear him awake from just after 6, but in the last few days I haven’t heard him till 6.50ish so he’s slowly sleeping more. I am astonished.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised as J is a very visual learner. With his speech difficulties he has learnt pecs and Makaton signing from an early age. For J, he has learnt that visuals have a meaning quickly. This has helped him to connect sun to day time and star to sleep time.

So, it’s a win:win. J builds towards his recommend sleep which will help him physically. Mummy gets to lie in that extra hour which keeps Mummy emotionally healthy and less prone to over tired outbursts.

I highly recommend giving the GRO clock a try if you have an early riser or a frequent ‘waker upper’. Hope it works for you too 🌞⭐️

#notanad just a genuine fan πŸ‘πŸ»

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