Getting flavours into a frustratingly fussy eater…

Sooooo, J continues to be a fussy eater. I don’t necessarily mean fussy as in won’t eat much, I mean he’s fussy over textures. He only likes dry food. Anything I make has to have minimal to no sauce so my spag bol is always passata based and cooked to an inch of its life to make sure the sauce cooks off.

In my previous blog enteries you may have read that I was encouraging more food types. I had started to use a ‘minimal plate’ method (for more about this press here). It seems to be working. It means more washing up but it’s so much less stress at meal times.

As J still won’t tolerate wet textures, I have now gone down the flavours route. Having no sauce can make food a bit bland. I use herbs (from my garden…makes me feel fancy) and stock cubes but it can seem to basic. So I want to bring in more tastes and new ‘dry’ foods to main meals.

Today we tried these chicken fillets from ASDA. They are tikka flavoured. Now, I know this is usually an insult but the chicken goes quite dry once cooked. For J this is perfect. However the flavour was still there (and it smelt amazing, I keep taking big sniffs of my kitchen as it’s lingering).

So I added mash potato (again well cooked so it’s dry although fairly sticky as I add at least one wet-ish food type to every meal), broccoli, peas and sweet corn (half a cob as he eats this rather reluctantly). I only add a SMALL amount of chicken and cut it up small. If I leave food too large J will put to his lips but not open his mouth. If smaller he’s more likely to pop it in...honestly, he’s exhausting.

J ate his favourite foods first. Then put one piece of chicken in his mouth and ate it. Woohoo, I thought. But then he said “done” which is J’s universal word for ‘finished’, ‘don’t want it’, ‘don’t like it’…’take it away’.

But I just carried on eating my own dinner and left him to it. He then ate  more of the foods he did like. He put another piece of chicken to his mouth but then put it down again. I mixed it with some mash potato (tiny piece of chicken) but made sure he saw it, else I risk him then refusing to eat mash potato ever again. When I did it like this, he would eat it.

This is the finished result…

My plan is to keep up the tikka flavour till eventually we can start having curry for tea. Oh how my ‘Mummy Goals’ have changed over the last year, haha.

Having a child either sensory issues or fussy eating is not easy but we’re making small steps.

What does your little darling love to eat? Or what do they absolutely refuse? 🥘 🍴

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