What I have learnt from the Terror Attacks…

I post a lot about J and myself. What I don’t often post about are the other people in J’s life. J is extremely lucky to have an amazing set of family…both blood, and friends who are just too important to not be family! The recent (and not so recent) terror attacks have made me really appreciate family and our support network. So this post is dedicated to them…

Grandparents (aka: ‘let’s see how much we can spoil this child’ers‘)

J has two sets of Grandparents and 1 set of Great Grandparents,  and all of them are amazing and J adores them. His Grandma (my Mum) was one of my birth partners.

My father in law made the grandchildren a ‘Hobbit House’. I mean MADE. He built the whole thing and it even has lights! J loves it and will be in their for the whole visit if he had his way.

My Dad is a model railway ‘nut’. He is very good at fiddly things and makes brilliant working models. J is usually found in Grandads train shed with him. I’m not sure if ‘helping’ is the right word but that’s what J thinks he’s doing.

J’s Grandma and Nana are amazing people. Nana lets J get away with all sorts of mischief which he loves! Grandma is also a softie and J has her wrapped round his finger (just one look from him and she’s added ANOTHER toy car to the trolley).

Aunties and Uncles (‘loves like a parent, gets to be best friends‘)

J has 4 ‘official’ aunties and 3 ‘official’ uncles. They are all so tolerant of J and his difficulties. You never hear a cross word…even if he insists on running off with Auntie S or Auntie L’s phones as soon as he sees them. I get all sorts of interesting selfies and snapchats when he goes to either of those aunties.

Then there’s the unofficial aunties and uncles. They are just as much family as any of his other aunties and uncles. They will text and call after J’s appointments to see how they went, spoil him with goodies and are always there for a rant or when I need help.


Lastly are all the cousins. They are so accepting of J. His cousin A is his Godmother as she has always had a motherly role in his life. She came to the first scan and since then she became my pregnancy guru (I couldn’t drink a can of coke without looks of disapproval…she was 6 at the time!). Today she gave me £2 from her pocket money and told me to buy something for J. She is such a kind soul (and even learnt Makaton for him).

I don’t know where I’d be without all these people. As we head towards  the end of J’s assessments and after the awful tragedies that have happened so close to home I have spent time reflecting on just how important these people are. No matter what happens Wednesday…Autism or not…they will love and accept J.

I love you all…xxx

Sugar Rush

Now for part 2 of this entry. My Mum and Dad (J’s Grandparents) have been such a huge help as my husband made the cross over from one job to another. They helped financially (it’s so annoying having to adjust to new pay systems and dates) and with babysitting whilst we sorted shifts and things out. So today we surprised them with a ‘Sugar Rush Sweets‘ box of goodies. For £10 I got a box of sweets and chocolate hand delivered to them. It wasn’t left to go hard/manky in the post, it was ordered and delivered the same day (within half an hour actually). I paid by PayPal and it was on its way.

It did freak my mum out a bit when an unknown man arrived with an unexpected box at 7pm but when he announced it was from me then she was eager to open…she even phoned me as she opened it. My dad instantly took the role of ‘taster’ and it’s gained his seal of approval. But hearing them talk about how much was in the box has made me hungry and now I’m wishing I had ordered one for myself too, haha.

The events over the recent years have made me realise that time is precious and family (blood and water) shouldn’t be taken for granted. If something as simple as a sweetie box can show someone that we appreciate them then it’s really the least we can do.

Family isn’t always about who you are related too. We lucky to have a family of relatives and friends. Who are he most important people in your lives? Have you let them know lately?x

Disclaimer: views are all of my own and I have not paid or been sponsored for this post. Family photos belong to me, sweetie photos are property of Sugar Rush Sweets Suffolk and used with kind permission.

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