Jumppin’ Jacks Playhouse…Suffolk

Today we went to visit family and decided that with the weather being a bit unpredictable (depending on which app you used) that we would choose an ‘indoor meet up’.

So we decided to try Jumppin Jacks Funhouse, Mildenhall. It was tricky to find as it’s hidden away on an industrial estate but we got there in good time and got a parking space easily. For J and my niece it came to £8. That’s not bad for soft play.

Jumpinn’ Jacks is small…that’s not a criticism. I actually prefer small venues as it’s easier to keep track of the kiddies. My niece is the perfect age to just say ‘go…have fun’ whereas J is still needing someone to go around with him.

Seating is plentiful and there’s enough high chairs around. We got a table right near the frame. J went off with his cousin to play whilst we got drinks sorted. I was impresssed that you can get a jug of squash for a couple of pound! It lasted 2 kiddies the whole play time.

The play frame itself had everything you could want…slides, climbing wall, balance beam, football area and lots to explore. J soon created a ‘circuit’ (his usual coping mechanism for somewhere new) and after a while would bring in a new bit of equipment till he had eventually tried everything.

The equipment itself was generally in good condition. A few taped up bits and ‘worn’ soft play areas but oytherwise I felt J was safe. Mind you, look at this flooring!!! You go over a clear bit of flooring to get to slide which scared life out of me. Took J a little while to trust it too haha.

There is section for under 2’s. It was a fenced off bit with a gate however sadly it didn’t stop older ones from coming in. At one point a small group of them were throwing everything, everywhere and a little one started to cry (but couldn’t get out as the gate has to be opened by an adult). Rather annoyingly there was no staff who noticed or seemed to be keeping an eye on this area. I ended up going to find a member of staff as the boy was crying louder and I didn’t know who was his family. She went over and got the older ones out (more returned later on…queue my eyes rolling).

We ordered lunch. It’s basic sandwiches, jacket potatoes etc. I got J a ‘lunchbox’. I was really pleased that you have an option other than sandwiches (which J won’t eat). He had a hotdog, pombears, frube (donation to my niece), chocolate and a carton of juice. I got a jacket potato with cheese and beans. It was really tasty. Both came to under £10!

I had fun playing with J. We went down the slides together and played football. J cheered when he ‘scored’ haha. We also spent ages on a ‘spinning’ wheel which made us both so dizzy we fell over and laughed. I really don’t get J’s love of spinning…I just felt sick!

Overall we had a lovely time and I would go back again. It was lovely to see my sister and niece and get to hang out ❤️

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