Surviving Dinosaur Adventures… 

Today we went to Dinosaur Adventure near Norwich. It’s very rare Daddy and I get a day off together on a week day so we thought we’d make the most of it.

Most family based amusement places are always so busy at weekends and school holidays so we thought we’d try the dinosaurs since it was new to J.

What you need to know:

  1. It’s big! It’s much bigger than I thought it was going to be. So wear comfy shoes and take a buggy. You can rent buggies if you don’t have space in your car to bring one.
  2. It’s outdoors…sounds obvious maybe but it is an outdoor venue. There is a soft play area that’s indoors and the farm part has indoor facilities but obviously on a big day out that won’t amuse the kiddies for long. Ps: you MUST have socks to be able to go in soft play.
  3.  There is an amazing water play area. Take swimwear and swim nappies for little ones and things you don’t mind getting wet in. There’s fountains and a water slide (which J did go on once and decided he didn’t like it). We did this first as it gave us chance to dry and it was sunny at that point…I couldn’t guarantee it would stay that way, so took advantage.
  4. There are lockers available for £1. However many of these were out of order which wasn’t too bad when a quiet day but can imagine it could be annoying when busier. This is handy for after splash when you don’t want to carry everything around or during splash time if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your bags.
  5. Food…we brought a lunchbox for J and he ate it at the picnic benches. I’m really glad we did as food was not cheap (but wasn’t ridiculously priced either). For me it was either sandwich for £3-something or burger and fries for £5 something (I went with burger and fries…it was nice, actually).   Basically you can make it as cheap or expensive as you like really. There’s plenty of places to eat a picnic and there’s a snack shack or the cafes for buying food.
  6. Added extras. There’s extra things you can pay for to go on. Sadly, ones I wanted to do weren’t open today which was really disappointing. I was looking forward to the deer spotting as J would have got to ride around on an amazing looking trailer (very Jurassic park feeling). The skyline wasn’t open either and there were construction works going on to. But those things are there and can potentially add to your day
  7. Family photos: when you first get in you get to have your photo taken in silly poses. You then go and buy these are the kiosk and they add Dino related backgrounds. We ordered a pack. Typically it wasn’t till we got home that we released one wasn’t edited properly and we are sat down in thin air…haha. The price wasn’t horrendous and we got quite a lot for our £20 (2x prints, 1xkey ring, 1xfridge magnet, 2xwallet photos and download code).
  8. Mobile signal isn’t too great (at least not in my phone). This obviously isn’t Dinosar Adventures fault but thought I’d point it out for the simple fact that once we got to the country roads my phone sat nav stopped and we had to guess some of the journey (luckily we found a few signs). So my advice is to print out directions, just in case!
  9. This place has fantastic photo opportunities. The dinosaurs aren’t all hidden behind fences. You can get up close and pose. My husband made a little ‘comic strip’ on the T-Rex hunt including talking on the radio and being surrounded by (insert name)osaurus…as you can tell I’m great with the names. You can have so much fun in the woodlands with your camera. 
  10. As well as Dinos there are farm animals too. Take some 50ps and you can buy feed. J was giggling away as he watched fish jumping for the food in the pond. I loved the wallabies!

In terms of J and his additional needs, he did really well. He was a bit ‘off’ on the journey and reverted back to grunts and being ‘switched off’. That’s not surprising since he knew we were going somewhere new. As it was a school day it was quiet so J was never crowded or put off but lots of noise. From a sensory perspective being open air meant that it wasn’t too over loading.

As it was a dry and sunny day J didn’t have to worry about textures as the mud was dry, the climbing toys were dry etc. As we had packed food for him I didn’t have to worry about that either. In all honesty I think the only thing that made him a bit off was the photos at the beginning as he had no clue what was going on so it did confuse him. In hindsight I wish I had explained it to the photographer so we could have gotten more time rather than the ‘rush-click-go’ approach.

It was an amazing day and I hope we can go again sometime soon. Next time I’m going to make a PECS book using photos I took this visit. Then J can communicate more about his time.

Looking forward to more summer trips. Let me know if there’s anywhere you recommend ☀️

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