Thank goodness for First Aid training…

Thank goodness for my St John Ambulance training…this evening J was finding the outside world challenging. We had gone out to eat and J was struggling. There were vehicles in the play area, which is a bigger trigger for him and when someone moved one from out of his line it set of a chain reaction that lasted the whole meal. I took J for a run up and down the slope outside to have time away from people and sounds, and to just run.

We then sat down to eat. J is a ‘hoarder’ when it comes to food. He has to have one piece of food in each hand (or a fork and spoon in each hand) and likes to have a ‘full mouth’…so he rams. Tonight this resulted in J choking. It started as a gag and the first piece came out. But then the rest had gone into his throat and choking had started.

Giving him a pat on the back in the high chair didn’t work so I scooped him up, tipped him forward and did 5 firm backslaps. Thankfully it then came out!

J returned straight to eating as he always does…this isn’t the first time or last time sadly! Children can choke SO easily. I really recommend paediatric first aid training as you never know when it could literally save your child’s life. Often Children’s Centres or Preschools will offer first aid sessions, or contact an organisation such as St Johns Ambulance.
To download the St Johns Ambulance free app click here!

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