A day out for £2 in Suffolk…

As those who have read my previous ‘out and about’ blog posts I always aim to live on budget. Having children isn’t cheap…having a child with additional needs can add to day to day costs (I won’t tell you how much J’s PECS resources cost, you may pass out). So if I can save a penny here and there then that’s what I’ll do.

Our first summer holidays day outing ended up racking up £15ish so not frugal. Today I paid £2 in total (add a little bit for petrol but that was already in the car).

We went to see my niece and Mum today (J’s cousin and Grandma) and decided we needed a day out in the fresh air. So, we had a quick trip to Poundland (free parking in town centre till 1pm so that was free) and we brought friends is which was 2 for £1. J had an Oasis and I had a Pepsi Max. They would normally be £1-something each so saving straight away. 

Then we headed to Nowton Park. It’s a gorgeous woodlands with bridges to run over and under, a play park, a maze, giant woodlands to explore and lots of activities. It cost us £1 to park. I can honestly say that was the last time I touched my purse.

First we played in the park. J loves slides and anything he can run up and down on so he was happy. My niece loved the swing and things to climb on. I, on the other handed ended up feeling sick from J spinning me on the ‘doughnut roundabout’. But, lots of smiles.

We then went onto the field and they had FREE activities. J ran to the big balls and was kicking them around the large space. He then found an air rocket and was laughing as he made it fly in the air. My niece was on the stilts and showing off her gymnastic skills.

We then headed into the woodlands. We walked along tree trunks, picking up pine cones and counted how many mushrooms/toadstools we found. It’s so beautiful in the woodlands and lovely to connect with nature. 

We got talking to another family. Apparently there are a whole host of activities going on over the holidays. Many are free (circus skills, bike riding, maze), others are really cheap, e.g.: a fire lighting activity day for £2 (thinking more of my niece obviously. Idea of J around any form of flame is just scary) and Den Building. 

J was even happier as he found a puddle…so basically a form of free swimming, haha. We had fresh air, exercise and lots of fun as a family for just £2. If you’re in the Suffolk area then it’s definately worth looking on the Nowton Park Facebook page to find out what’s on over the 6 weeks (#notanad). If you’re not local, then google local parks in your area as you may find similar venues and activates nearer to you. 

As always, feel free to share this post or comment on Facebook with any feedback or suggestions on how else to have a frugal but fun summer holidays ☀️ 

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