Out and About: Soft play for £2!!! Review of Planet Laser.

PLEASE NOTE: Planet Laser has now removed their soft play equipment, however it is still a lot of fun. We playing mini bowling, ride on horses (50p a go) and play on the penny machines so well worth a visit.

Today we went for a play date with my bff and her gorgeous little boy (3yrs old). It’s great that J has a friend who he’s known since birth. They know us and they know J’s special ways of looking at the world.

It’s important to tell people about your child and the things they need. My friend takes into account what J needs and wants. She listens to him even if she doesn’t know what he’s saying and she accepts his meltdowns and  knows he isn’t just ‘naughty’ (although sometimes he is).

So, off we went to soft play. We tried a new one for us. Planet Laser,Bury St Edmunds is one of my favourite places. However we usually go on a weekend with my niece when the soft play is shut so we’ve never tried it. Today was a first (yey for summer holidays).

It’s only a small soft play area but surrounded by arcade machines starting from 2p and a bowling alley.  I spent £10 in total today. £2 on entry, £2 on bowling, £1 on arcade games and £5 on drinks (Latte, Diet Coke and a fruit shoot so not bad price).

J was in love with Little Tikes cars. The boys raced around the place with J making all sorts of ‘nee-nah’ sounds (it was a police car after all). These cars ended up dominating most of the time there but it kept them happy so I’m not complaining. We went at 10am so it was very quiet still so the boys had the run of the soft play and could drive without causing injuries! I did have to lay out strict boundaries so J knew where to stop so he wasn’t in the way of the laser players (lots of Makaton and hand waving as I knew he wasn’t listening to anything I said whilst there were so many distractions around).

They did eventually go and explore the soft play area. It’s perfect for us. It’s small enough that you can see your child and give them independence to explore without having to follow them. J takes a lot of supervision due to sensory issues and his complete lack of danger. It was nice to be able to let him explore by himself for a bit.

If I’m honest one of things that make me anxious about soft play is the other children. J can be unpredictable with his reactions to others. He can either blank a person like they don’t exist, follow them and be in their face or be physical if they push him out of his comfort zone. Going with someone who understand J means that I can relax a bit as I know I won’t havethat awkward  moment of apologising and over explaining,  or dealing with a stroppy parent.

The soft play itself has all this for just £2:

What more could you ask for?

Oh yeah, a quick game of bowling for £2 a player. It’s a basic version of bowling but perfect for a preschooler. He loved watching the ball roll down and cheered when he knocked down the pins.

The staff were all really friendly. They greeted us, talked to us and were generally smiley and welcoming. This is the sort of place where you can just spend the £2 for the soft play and have fun, or make it as expensive as you want with the arcades, cafe, Teddy Mountain (build your own soft toy). There’s also laser games for the older children.

So, if you are in Suffolk and looking for somewhere for your toddler or to amuse the whole family this summer holidays then I’d definately give this place a thumbs up.

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