J’s progress: exciting updates…


I realise I haven’t spoke much about how J is getting on lately. Mainy because we’ve reached a stage now where we are ‘ticking along’ and feel kind of normal


We haven’t seen our paediatrician since the assessment meeting. Our next review is December to decide whether more interventions are neeed or to keep going with the social communication disorder pathway. 

Speech therapy

We continue to build on J using his speech for a purpose and to build meaningful sentences. He has an ever growing vocabulary but it’s a case of getting him to use it socially and for purpose rather just to name items. 

We are using his PECS to build sentences such as ‘I want car’ and ‘big red ball’. J is still struggling with concepts would such a big/small and colours he is a bit hit and miss. He’s better at understanding language than using it.

J doesn’t sign as much as he used to, simply because he can now say the words. He will use his signing as a back up if someone doesn’t understand him. I am now bringing in more advanced signs for words I know he can’t say such as the concept words.

Play skills/sensory play

J sees a specialist Nursery Nurse once a week for play skills. We are working on J playing with different toys and resources as well as texture play. Sometimes we combine his obsessions/interests with the new play such as cars in the foam soap or draw around them with the aqua doodle. Other times we use ‘now and next’ system (now we are finishing a puzzle, then you can play Cars).

We are bringing in texture play, and also on the waiting list for Occupational Therapy to dive deeper into his sensory issues. 

Sensory issues

J has started to make a little progress. He will now eat pizza (as long as he can hold the ‘clean’ it). It’s a big step as it’s the firm squashy and potentially messy food J will willing eat, that isn’t spag Bol. 

J is still sensory seeking spinning and kinetic sensations. I’m going to do some reading more into it as it’s actually really fascinating. Our SNN spoke about it briefly and there’s more to it than I thought.

Toilet training

We have started the dread toiletting. I’ll talk more about it in a future blog but let’s say we have very good days and very bad days, haha.

Life will pretty much just keep going as it is until December. That’s when J turns 3 and we look at the assessments again. It’s actually a nice feeling to have life just continuing. We have a little rhythm going and I’m happy, J’s happy and life is good 😊.

As always, thank you for reading. Sometimes I do wonder who reads our little ramblings, so please feel free to say ‘hi’ and who you are ❤️ 


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