There’s more to books than ‘just reading’ this Autumn…

J loves books but with a short attention span and a need for routine he doesn’t always finish a book or he gets stuck in a loop where we have to read over and over and over. So this Autumn I am planning to do more with our books. By more I mean we are going to get off the sofa and take the books indoors, outdoors, under the blanket, in the dark etc. You can buy lots of story props and story sacks but this aren’t the cheapest…so make your own props!

Here are some ideas of what we have done and what we are going to do this season:

Tea Party with the Tiger

Have a tea party with The Tiger Who Came to Tea. This is great for a wet and rainy day where you can set up the picnic blanket indoors. You can use play food or make a real picnic!

Oh Help Oh No, find the Gruffalo!

Get out into the woods and try to find The Gruffalo. If you live near some woodlands such as Thetford High Lodge, they have their own Grufflo trails. Otherwise you can find any local woods and look for signs that the Gruffalo might have been there.

Stories in the Dark

The Usborne books are amazing. They are tactile, repetitive and short. Perfect for J! The daylight will soon shorten and nights will start earlier. We will take advantage of this and try going for ‘night adventures’…reading by torch in a tent in the garden or turning the lights off and making a sofa cushion den.

Hide and Seek with Kipper’s Bear


Kippers Bear is a sweet little story with a surprise ending. This is another story that’s great for the early evenings. Maybe you can hide a favourite snuggly toy in the same place that Kippers bear was hiding and go on your own hunt for the toy.

Fun at the Farm

Autumn is harvest time. Many farms will be open for fun activities such as pumpkin picking, corn mazes and tractor rides. If you wrap up warm and take a thermos of hot drink then you can still go on farm adventures in the colder months. Take the books with you and enjoy outdoor story telling. Or if you don’t fancy going out and about then make a farm using your play animals and tractor toys at home. You can find great ideas of Pinterest such as weetabix for haybales!

What books do you have in your collection for this Autumn? Are there any books you have to read on repeat? I’d love to know your views 📚 

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  1. My youngest is loving a book all about Trucks at the moment, My middle son loves “Hurry up and Slow Down” and my eldest pretty much any Minecraft!

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    1. mummyest2014 says:

      My niece LOVES Minecraft. Every time she comes over it’s all I hear about haha x


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